Avocado Fit&Dance

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Avocado Fit and Dance – dance school established in May 2017. It was founded by Maja Bratus, finalist of the 9th edition of the “You Can Dance” contest. She is using GYMMANAGER system from the very beginning of her business.

The idea of founding her own dance school came up in her childhood. She was doing her best to pursue her dream and finally she succed in starting her business – prospering dance shcool Avocado Fit and Dance.

Maja have used GYMMANAGER system before in her last work in MiódCytryna club. This experience gave her awarness of the importance of software in the sport facility. She used to come to club earlier just in order to have more time to get to know all the system’s features.

When she decided to set up a business, as the first step she asked us for the appointment. GYMMANAGER was represented by Mateusz (CEO) and Piotr – sales agent. Maja was fascinated with our system, she asked many questions in order to get to know it, so she could organize her company with it. We spent 5 hours with her, presenting the system and claryfying issues that she mentioned.

„The impressing thing about your company is fact, that in spite of your rapid growth, you don’t give up on the small clients. This tells a lot about your company as well as about people that it consists of.”

The implementation went smoothly. The process was fast and now the technical support is at Maja’s disposal.

When Maja was asked how GYMMANAGER system helped her, she expilained the difference between running the club beforeand after the implementation:

„Till I decided to use your system, I had to write things down on paper. Since processes are automatized, I use my phone rarely. There was a time, when I picked it up every 3 minutes.”

Running the club with the system helped me with simplyfying and organizing the paper work. It also automatized contact with the clients – now everybody has online access to the Clients Panel and is informed by the e-mail system. Her dace school is now much more technically advanced and modern than its competitors in town.

Our system covered most of the processes in Avocado Fit and Dance. With its help Maja can focus on her passion – dancing and teaching others.

„The opportunity of teaching kids by giving them my experience to the next generation is very fulfilling.”

In the end, she added:

„I’m delighted to cooperate with you. It works both ways – we can learn form your advices and you derive from our experiences. This is what we call symbiosis.”