Fitness for Life

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Fitnessforlife is a modern club chain, that prospers in the south of Poland since 2010. Currently it is running 5 big sports facilities – 4 in Rzeszów and one in Nowy Sącz and it is planned to start up more. In the interview with Wiktor – manager of Fitnessforlife’s clubs, we talked about six years of our cooperation.

During the first negotiations with Fitnessforlife, its clubs worked using modified and obsolete software for managing swimming pools. After the implementation of our system in the clubs managed by Wiktor came a breakthrough. GYMMANAGER not only was more developed, but also simple.

„GYMMANAGER is now much more advanced, than it was it the moment when it was implemented. It is constantly developed and made huge progres in last 6 years.”

Looking back on time before implementing GYMMANAGER, Wiktor mentioned vast amount of work, that his staff performed everyday:

  • giving out locker room keys in the reception,
  • validating cards,
  • writing down contrats on paper by receptionist.

It counted against clubs not only in the clients’ opinion, but also decreased staff’s productivity.

After implementing GYMMANAGER system, the club’s performance significantly improved. One of the first features was online schedule and reservations. The attendance raised, what influenced club’s profitability.

„Analysing courts occupancy rate, we noticed that the number of clients is rising and there are no gaps in the schedule. Now it is effectively occupied thanks to online reservations.”

We integrated system with the card swipe, however Wiktor chose to develop his clubs even more and asked us for implementing biometric access control. The next step was atomatizing processes even more and upgrading locker rooms. After that Wiktor decided to enable online payments.

As it turned out Manager Panel is one of the Wiktor’s most often used GYMMANAGER’s module. It supports his decisions and helps to keep up with club statistics in order to react immediately.

„I’m able to check and analyse key performance indicators and data – it significantly improves validity of my decisions and influences club’s flexibility.”

Fitnessforlife is our long-time customer. With its help we are constantly developing GYMMANAGER taking under consideration client’s needs. Thanks to the feedback, that we regulary recieve, we are aware of the changes, our clients want us to perform.

„It is crucial, that GYMMANAGER listens to its clients. This enables paralel, bilateral development.”

In the end of the interview Wiktor mentioned, that they are planning to start up more clubs and promised, that in this case they will cooperate with us again.