Fitness Management Software
for Enterprise Clubs

Improve customer service. Automate activities that do not require attention of your staff. Create a tailored offer based on the data processed by GYMMANAGER.

Manage a chain of fitness clubs

Take advantage of the opportunities that GYMMANAGER gives you in managing a chain of fitness clubs, including in franchise model.

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Manage your offer

  • Main Warehouse, central warehouse management and assortment delivery for all clubs
  • Multichannel, several channels of pass sales, reservations for classes
  • Recurring payments

Manage clients

  • Customer segmentation
  • Communication with clients: mailing, SMS, direct messages
  • Access control, including biometrics and automation

Manage your facility

  • Manager Panel dashboard: dozens of reports, extensive facility analytics
  • Solutions for franchise systems and club chains – creating dedicated functionalities
  • Top-down, consistent system branding or independent visual identification of each facility
Analiza biznesowa klubu fitness

Analyse with Manager Panel

Working tool for both the owner of the club network and the manager of a single facility. It is here that data provided by all clubs is processed in real time. The panel dashboard presents KPIs and other indicators related to the type of income, sources of income and the profile of club members. Systematically enriched with new reports, the Manager Panel is a proven partner in creating a business strategy.

Rezerwacje online klubu fitness

Discover the Client Panel

Convenient sales channel for both club members and new clients. 24/7 membership management centre. The Client Panel enables the online purchase of passes, making reservation for classes, as well as activating recurring payments. Thanks to integration with online marketing tools, you can address advertising campaigns to a group of clients who have not completed the purchase of the pass. The appearance of the Client Panel is adapted to the visual identity of the brand.

Aplikacja recepcyjna dla klubu fitness

Work with Desktop Application

Basic working tool for the reception of a fitness club. The Desktop Application is a constantly expanding GYMMANAGER module, which is the main element of the system. The scope of functionality allows ongoing service of the facility and club members, with the support of integrated access control and payment system. Reports generated from the application level are used to verify the quality of team work and club members’ activity.

kiosk samoobsługowy dla klubu fitness

Sell with the Self-service Kiosk

Recommended autonomous sales stand for facilities that want to increase club member independence and reduce the burden on reception desk. In the kiosk tested by self-service clubs, clients can buy membership, administer personal data and granted consents, make reservations for classes and activate recurring payments. Dashboard of the device is consistent with the visual identification of the club. The Self-service Kiosk is integrated with payment terminals and optionally with biometrics.

Fitness club mobile app search club

Gain with GYMup!

Discover the sales channel of fitness club, which is statistically most often used at the weekend. GYMup! Mobile Application increases the number of reservations for classes and reduces the percentage of unannounced absences. Share a schedule in which club members mark their favourite activities and later evaluate them. Send automatic reminders about upcoming class reservations.

customer experience klub fitness

Enrich the experience

Show your clients that you care about customer experience in your clubs. Use the tablet applications to record short self-made videos, evaluate your classes, remind yourself the number of your locker, or check how many minutes you’ve already used your time-limited pass. Personal trainers are offered a solution in the form of an attendance list.

GYMMANAGER is not only comprehensive software for managing club chains and franchises. It is a business approach that goes beyond the product. We are systematically developing the system in cooperation with the fitness industry, so that its functionalities follow the needs of managers and club members.


Choose an IT partner who knows the needs of club chains.

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