Club automation

Improve the quality of customer service. Automate processes that require no attention from your staff. Create a tailored offer based on data delivered daily by your gym.

GYMMANAGER provides software and solutions designed to:

Relieve your employees from responsibilities that do not require their personal attention
Facilitate flexible drafting of contracts and price lists, in line with the gym’s business model
Automate your pricing policy and access to your product offerings
Encourage potential workforce reductions in favour of self-service options for customers
Streamline sales and membership management processes
Enable customers to access the gym’s offer on their own, even outside of the front desk’s business hours
Aggregate and organise data provided daily by the gym
Improve the quality of customer service by building a more personal communication
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What is an automated gym?

Every automated gym is different – the level of automation depends on the gym’s business model and stage in the company’s development. While one gym may be satisfied with simply launching online sales, another may want to operate on a 24-hour basis from the get-go.
For the GYMMANAGER, automation is more of a process than a zero-sum approach. At some point, a gym or fitness club may face the need to streamline the processes related to customer service, sales or accessibility of its product offerings. It is important to be ready to meet that moment.

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24-hour gym

The facility operates 24 hours a day. The main goal is to enable customers to manage their own membership, e.g. online, and access the gym’s products and services. Integrated access control allows customers to access the gym using a membership card, their fingerprints or a QR code. If the gym has VIP areas, access card readers will charge additional fees when accessing the paid area. There is a self-service kiosk in the gym offering integrated fingerprint recognition and helping to address any of the customer’s needs and concerns.

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Hybrid facility

The fitness centre, gym or other sports facility makes its infrastructure available outside the business hours of the customer service centre. After your staff ends their shift, customers can still access the gym and work out on their own. Integrated access control verifies customer identity and automatically charges any additional fees. The gym’s product and service offer is also available online, such as live-streaming of workouts and its online store. Customers can manage their membership online, buy a pass or plan, hire a personal trainer or book a spot in a group exercise class.

GYMMANAGER software has been tested by 24-hour automated gyms and facilities striving to automate their processes.


I run a small, non-24-hour gym – does GYMMANAGER have features useful for my business?

Yes, it is worth using software that can do more. Our experience shows that most gyms and fitness centres have expanded options for drafting contracts and passes. Among other things, you can determine your pricing policy: whether and when to grant discounts, who is eligible to enter into a contract on promotional terms, what the termination conditions are etc. Your employees will not need to remember all the details of a contract or pass – software will do it for them. Another useful feature are automated email notifications to employees, customers and trainers – the system will notify them about important developments such as class cancellations.

I want to convert my gym into a 24-hour facility – where do I begin?

Tell us about your concept and describe your business model. We have completed numerous implementations of 24-hour gyms and sports facilities that stay open outside front desk business hours. We know what your customers are likely to expect and how the front desk operates. We will present you with GYMMANAGER features and costs tailored to your business needs. Be ready to answer questions about the infrastructure and room layout – this may become a stumbling block – and whether your facility is prepared to support integrated access control.

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