Mobile application for fitness clubs


Run a sales channel to bring in new clients who usually decide to join a fitness club over the weekend – all from their smartphone. Push out your offer to your regular club members. Let them join classes and manage their membership.

Class reservations

Simplify classes and boarding. Let your club member discover new classes, including the recommended ones. Feature your offer and build the personal brand of the trainer at the same time.

Recommended classes

Reach the club members with your new offer. Promote noteworthy classes – encourage club members to take new challenges.

A simple way
to cancel reservations

Reduce the risk of missed reservations, thanks to the option to cancel class attendance right inside the app.

Favourite classes

It’s easy for club members to skip classes run by the instructors with whom they are used to training. With the “add to favourites” option, they don’t have to!

Push notifications

Easily send club members mobile push notifications for upcoming classes.

Personal data

Let club members edit data themselves.

Class evaluation

Listen to how club members feel about the classes they’ve just been in.
Improve your client relationships and club member satisfaction. Control the quality of classes and trainers’ work.

Clubs search engine

Users of GymUp! are able to access any facility that connects to the app.

GYMMANAGER fitness clubs search engine

Activate GYMup! for your club. The GYMup! mobile application for fitness clubs is integrated with the Client Panel – online sales channel and the POS.

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