Install an independent sales point within the club. This gives both members and potential clients some freedom that pays off on both ends.

Encourage with intuitive operation

A clear process of pass purchase — tailored to fit your club members’ needs. Begin the flow by creating an account or choosing a type of membership.

Attract attention with the offer

GYMMANAGER self service kiosk dashboard

Boost revenue for your club – tailor the offer to meet client’s needs via the Self-Service Kiosk. Convince new clients to make their first visit. Enable one-time ticket purchases.

Integration with biometrics

Open up your club to a convenient and secure form of member identification and verification. Combine a fitness club self-service kiosk with a biometric fingerprint reader.

Increase client freedom by removing the need to have a document. Improve the convenience of using your facility.

Biometric reader integrated the self service kiosk

Flexible membership
Full access to an account.

Manage your passes

Book classes

Book personal trainings

Manage personal data

Assign fingerprint

GYMMANAGER self-service kiosk

Convenient payments

Integrate the Kiosk with the most common and trusted payment methods from online payments to payment terminals.

Card reader

Online payment

Recurring payments

Discount codes

Payment at the reception

We are systematically expanding the group of payment partners.

Choose a self-service kiosk. Make your employees focus on CLIENT SERVICE.

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