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oprogramowanie do zarządzania obiektem sportowym
Panel Managera klubu fitness

GYMMANAGER specializes in:


We know how to automate sales, service and access to offers – regardless of club size and business model, including maintenance-free gyms.

Offer management

We have it all: flexibility of set-up regarding promotions, their availability and a variety of settlement methods. Comprehensive solutions, easy-to-use options and analytics.


Set up parallel online offers, e-commerce, online consultations, outdoor classes within a hybrid membership framework. Reach customers regardless of scenario.

Access control

Connect your gym to a system of gates, payment terminals and readers, including for biometric identification. We have the experience to plan and install equipment.

Online payments

Payment by cash, card, voucher, debit, or direct debit? Connect your sales to the most popular payment service providers. Complete security ensured and one-click transactions.

Sales process

Our system manages the whole process: from warehouse management, supplies to membership sales. Launch new sales channels, operate 24/7.

Both small and big clubs trust us

Avocado Fit & Dance

“It’s incredible that despite your system’s constant growth, you still care about small clubs …”

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Fitness for Life

“GYMMANAGER has developed greatly since we implemented it. We see enormous progress over the past six years …”

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mln cash collection in 2019


mln class bookings

Obsługujemy duże i małe kluby

We serve small and big clubs

We serve small and big clubs GYMMANAGER is designed for every stage of your club's growth.

Kompleksowa oferta

A comprehensive service

Match GYMMANAGER to integrated access control. We know from experience which hardware works best.

Doświadczony support

Experienced customer support

We have expert technical consultants: a helpline, email support, training, a knowledge base.

Reagujemy na potrzeby

We respond to needs

We pay attention to branch needs. Our system is evolving dynamically, with new features being added continuously.

Fancy a demo?

Check out all the GYMMANAGER system tools. You’ll learn how to automate repetitive tasks and focus on improving customer service quality.

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Who are we?

Fusing fitness businesses and IT enables us to deliver better management, marketing and sales methods in sports facilities.

Mateusz Ropka, CEO

Mateusz Ropka


Magdalena Sala, Marketing Manager

Magdalena Sala

Marketing Manager

Grzegorz Więcek, IT manager

Grzegorz Więcek

IT Manager

Who are we?

Fusing fitness businesses and IT enables us to deliver better management, marketing and sales methods in sports facilities.


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Jak zautomatyzować klub fitness?

Twoi pracownicy recepcji nie nadążają z obsługą klienta? Chcesz uruchomić sprzedaż i obsługę klienta przez Internet? Nie wiesz jaką kontrolę dostępu wybrać?

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Organizacja recepcji siłowni


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Oprowadzanie klienta po siłowni
– jak dobrze to zrobić?

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Recepcja w klubie fitness
– jak ją dobrze zorganizować?

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Branża fitness a koronawirus


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Gym management

GYMMANAGER works with:

Fitness club / gym

Multi-purpose sports complex

24/7 gym; automated gym

Fitness club chain

Swimming pool

Unique sports facility

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